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Create a Coffee Station

Who needs a barista and an overpriced coffee-shop drink? Treat yourself at home with a charming beverage station made by repurposing an old piece of furniture. Read on to learn how three creative ladies made their unique coffee bars.

Two-Tone Buffet

Create a Coffee Station Retask a vintage buffet as a storage-rich coffee station like Gail Wilson at My Repurposed Life did. Clean your buffet and let it air out in the sunshine. Remove the finish from the top and front pieces with a palm sander and spray-on paint and varnish stripper. Paint the main base gray. Stain the doors, drawers and top dark walnut. Seal the stained pieces with wipe-on polyurethane. Spray-paint the hardware black. Brush a poly sealer over the painted base. When finished, outfit the piece with all the necessities for your coffee station, and hang a set of mugs on a whimsical pallet-style rack above.
Designed and photographed by Gail Wilson of My Repurposed Life

Welcoming Washstand

Create a Coffee Station Enjoy your morning brew at a coffee station made from an antique washstand. Besides refinishing the furniture base to suit her style, Donna Dodson of Do Dodson Designs took the extra step of turning the towel harp upside down and backing it with old wood so it could serve as a sign and a hanger for her mugs. To transform the harp of your washstand, first build a backing from horizontal fence boards, using vertical crosspieces for support. Trace the outline of your towel harp onto the backing and cut out using a jigsaw. Glue and screw the towel harp to the backing. Stencil “Coffee” onto the backing boards and attach another board across the top to create a narrow shelf. Secure the refashioned towel harp to the washstand and the wall. Hang your coffee cups using S-hooks. Donna painted her washstand base with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Trophy Gray and used Dixie Belle Paint’s Buttercream Chalk Mineral Paint for the harp.
Designed and photographed by Donna Dodson of Do Dodson Designs.

Shapely Statement Piece

Create a Coffee Station Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture has made over quite a few washstands in her day. She’s repainted, stained and even decoupaged the various different pieces. However, when one caught her eye with the harp (the towel bar at top) still attached, Jenn knew she needed to do something special with it. Ingenuity hit when she envisioned mugs hanging from the harp and a repurposed coffee bar was ready to come to life. The original piece was fairly glossy, so Jenn scuffed it all over with 120-grit sandpaper. She tackled the wood top with 100-grit and then 220-grit sandpaper until it was buttery smooth. She painted the rest of the piece, while leaving the top natural. She highlighted the spoon carvings in a lighter gray to make them stand out. Turning the piece into a coffee bar was just a matter of adding S-hooks to the harp to hang the mugs and setting up a small coffee maker and accoutrements on top.
Designed and photographed by Jenn Baker of Eight Hundred Furniture.

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