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Make Seed Bombs for Your Garden

Make Seed Bombs for Your Garden
Photographed by Stephanie Rose. Excerpt and photos courtesy of Cool Springs Press.

Similar to bath bombs, which feature compressed ingredients that enhance bathwater, you can craft “seed bombs” that will make barren soil bloom with color. These little balls of clay, compost and seeds are easy to assemble for your garden or as thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts. You’ll find this idea and other hands-on garden projects in Garden Alchemy, the new book from Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy (Cool Springs Press, 2020). The book features 80 recipes and concoctions for organic fertilizers, plant elixirs, potting mixes, pest deterrents, and more. The featured natural recipes and organic methods will help your plants thrive with less effort and at less cost.

Clay-Based Seed Bomb Recipe

Clay-based seed bombs are a great way to get your hands dirty! They are made up of just four ingredients—powdered clay, compost, water, and seeds—making them approachable and fun to make for kids of all ages. Adding a few pretty seeds and dried flower petals to the outside makes them as decorative as they are functional. For example, Calendula seeds are curly, sunflowers have stripes, marigold seeds look like little porcupine quills, and Centaurea seeds look like gold and gray rockets. A variety of mixed seeds could look quite decorative.

5 parts finely screened compost
1 part bentonite clay (or substitute for another color of powdered clay)

1. Mix the compost and bentonite clay in a bowl or bucket and add just enough water to make the mixture hold together.
2. Form into balls and add a pinch of seeds. Large seeds can be pushed into the middle of the ball, while smaller seeds can be dispersed throughout the mix. Roll the ball between the palms of your hands to compact it and get a nice round shape.
3. If desired, roll the ball in a tray of dried flower petals, such as rose, calendula, and bachelor’s button, or add a few attractive seeds to the outside.
4. Set the seed balls on a tray in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to harden. The seed bombs have dried when they no longer feel cool to the touch and are quite hard.

Make Seed Bombs for Your Garden Make Seed Bombs for Your Garden Make Seed Bombs for Your Garden
Form the mixture into balls. Roll the ball in a tray of dried flower petals. Excerpted with permission of Cool Springs Press.
Photography Courtesy of Cool Springs Press.

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