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Set a Stunning Thanksgiving Table

This year, Thanksgiving may look a little different, as we may not be able to gather together with a large group of family or friends. But, you can make a smaller-scale celebration feel just as special by taking the time to dress up your table with creative and personal touches.

Make a Statement with Linens

Set a Stunning Thanksgiving Table Linens can set the tone for table decor, whether you favor an heirloom tablecloth or a newer textured runner. Consider incorporating decorated cloth napkins or place mats to build on the look you choose. Karen Snyder from Sanctuary Home Decor enjoys tweaking her Thanksgiving table setting each year and often combines favorite elements with handmade touches, like stenciled napkins that spell out a seasonal sentiment. Using mesh stencils and dark gray gel paint, she embellished crisp white napkins so they can double as place mats that stand out against her rustic wood tabletop.
Designed and photographed by Karen Snyder of

Personalize Place Settings

Set a Stunning Thanksgiving Table Welcome diners to the table with a personalized accent at each place setting. Keep it simple by printing decorative cards, or if you have more time, you might create handmade ornaments to loop around napkins or the stems of mini pumpkins. For an easy and elegant alternative, use herbs to fashion fragrant place-marker wreaths, like Teri Lyn Fisher of Spoon Fork Bacon did. Teri fashioned her little wreaths from sprigs of fresh rosemary and decorated them with twine bows and paper name banners.
Designed and photographed by Teri Lyn Fisher of

Create an Abundant Centerpiece

Set a Stunning Thanksgiving Table Make a beautiful centerpiece the focal point of your table. You can draw attention with anything from a lush floral arrangement to a grouping of gourds and candles. Consider creating a centerpiece with a cornucopia—these traditional Thanksgiving symbols of plenty can often be found in darker hues at thrift or crafts stores. Pick one up and update it with lighter colors that better fit with the farmhouse palette. Jane Windham of Cottage at the Crossroads gave the old brown cornucopia that she’d had for years a paint makeover and filled it with hydrangea blooms, seedpods, cotton stems, pale pumpkins and fairy lights.
Designed and photographed by Jane Windham of

Provide Portable Pie

Set a Stunning Thanksgiving Table If you’re worried your feast might leave guests too full for dessert, offer them a take-home treat. Ashley Luengo of Modern Glam shares loads of Thanksgiving planning tips and ideas on her blog, including make-ahead mason jar pumpkin pies. A sweet twist on a traditional holiday favorite, they are perfectly portioned to enjoy after dinner or save for the next day. (Ashley says they make for a deliciously indulgent breakfast.)
Designed and photographed by Ashley Luengo of

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